Why Use Natural Soap ... Your Skin Will Notice the Difference. Soap simply isn’t what it used to be. Many so-called soaps on supermarket shelves share more in common with washing powder than actual soap ... read on here.

As you may already know, we are Natural Beekeepers, so beeswax is part of our harvest – when we crush our natural comb to extract the honey, there’s beeswax to spare. It’s a good thing for our bees, because encouraging comb renewal is an important part of colony health... read on here.

Pumpkin - one of our family favourites. Not only is the flesh useful and all gobbled up at our dinner table, the skin goes into our compost and the seeds ...  along with being delicious dry roasted, they are also really easy to save and store for growing in months to come. Here’s how to do it... read on here.

Fresh garlic must be cured before long-term storage. Braiding is a convenient and attractive way to bundle fresh soft neck garlic for both curing and storage, without buying, saving or storing the all-too-often used alternative: plastic bags... read on here.